Eliminate The INSANELY High Cost Of Accepting Credit And Debit Cards With A Customer Cash Reward

In Just 3 Easy Steps

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Yes, it's true! I Fight Visa and Mastercard for Small and Medium-sized Local Businesses to Eliminate the INSANELY High Cost of Accepting Credit and Debit Cards, INCLUDING Discover and American Express. 

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U.S. consumers love spending money on credit cards! They love rewards points, frequent flyer miles, and cash back. They enjoy the freedom of “buy now and pay later.”

But who is paying for these consumer benifits?

You, as a small or medium-sized business owner pay for these consumer benifits!

All These Costs Add Up

If you own a business, you already know about the INSANELY High Cost of Card Acceptance and how these costs eat into your margins each month. On this page, I want to explain a simple Go Fee Free process that will allow you to entirely eliminate these fees once and for all. These steps will eliminate 100% of the processing costs.

  • U.S. businesses pay over 2% in Interchange Fees to Big Banks.
  • U.S. businesses (you again) must also bear the costs of fees from card brands like Visa and MasterCard.
  • Then there are per-item and percentage fees from processing companies.
  • ​​Many small business owners also pay miscellaneous monthly and annual fees.

Step #1 Implement The Fee Free Program

The latest legislation under the Durbin Amendment and the landmark Supreme Court case Expressions Hair Design vs. Schneiderman offers valuable information for this situation.

We supply compliant signs at the entrance of your store and at your register that implements a small price increase by informing customers that pricing marked are discounted for cash purchase.
One common question from business owners who are considering the Go Fee Free process is, “What if my customers get upset?”.

Studies show that 98.7% of consumers will understand this small price increase if presented correctly. A few customers who don't may ask questions. However, communicating your new pricing correctly will gain customer understanding.

Step #2 Offer A Customer Cash Discount

If a customer wants to use their card to get cash back rewards or some airline mileage rewards, shouldn’t they be the only ones who pay for these benefits? Why should your cash paying customers be charged so that credit card users get extra benefits?

Join hundreds of thousands of other business owners, government agencies, gas stations and utility companies and take control of the payments used in your business. Give your customers the power of choice.

For customers using cash in your store, offer a discount that is in line with what it costs you when a customer uses a credit card. Customers paying with credit or debit cards will pay a price that creates the needed revenue to cover the cost of processing. Then, offer the cash discounted price listed on your products or services to customers who choose to pay with cash.

Doing this, you offset the growing costs of payment acceptance while giving your customers a clear choice.
The effect of these two steps is simple. Your listed prices become your cash prices. You will need compliant signage and notices to ensure your customers are aware of this change. The posted price is increased by a small percentage to cover the cost of processing payments for customers paying with debit or credit cards.

Step #3 Your Bill Will Now Be $0.00

Go Fee Free ensures that you are completely compliant with all the laws and rules. The additional amount collected must be exactly the amount that it cost you to run the transaction. Go Fee Free has proprietary programming for your POS or credit card terminal to properly calculate that exact cost and legally disclose it on the customers copy of the receipt. There are many other rules and regulations from the card brands, banks, federal and state legislatures that Go Fee Free ensures that you are compliant. All of this occurs in just a fraction of a second during the transaction and requires no additional actions from you.

Our Fee Free Program Will Eliminate 100% Of Your Processing Fees

Here Is What Go Fee Free Does For You

  • We provide compliant signage for your business entrance, checkout counter, and/or pricing menu to inform customers of your Go Fee Free Program.
  • We also provide the correct cash discount percentage notification which ensures that you are offering the correct discount to cash paying customers.
  • We collect the extra revenue each day and apply that money to offset the cost of accepting credit and debit cards, including Discover and American Express. 
  • ​Our responsibility is to ensure that we set up your program to collect exactly the right amount of revenue each month. 

We guarantee that the processing statement you receive after your first full month of processing with us will show your total payment processing fees have been eliminated to the penny. You will see that this is accomplished by using the extra revenue we collected from you throughout the month. 

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